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Altar Smart IVR is a demo of “Visual Interactive Voice Response”, designed for smartphone and mobile device users. The application is user-friendly, fast and functional. It allows for convenient access to information and services, without the necessity to listen to subsequent voice messages, like in classic IVR. It is also a new, self-service access channel to call centre.

Altar Smart IVR, in comparison with the classic IVR, reduces the number of calls waiting for agent’s service, thus lowering the costs. At the same time, it caters for high quality of service, and thus – Clients’ satisfaction.
Additionally, Altar Smart IVR is a wide range of available means of communication and a new channel for personalised marketing communication. It displays on the screen – discreetly but visibly – adverts (texts, photos, animations, movies), announcements, instruction materials, without hindering the navigation functionality.

Contents of the application are dynamic (input from Smart IVR server), easy to implement and controllable from administrator’s level. Change of the contents, layout, menu, enabling new functions – they all do not require application upgrade by smartphone user. It uses the same Graphic Configurator, as the remaining system elements: IVR, agent scripts.

Altar Smart IVR is recommended both for innovative client service departments (e.g. ones using Altar Contact Center communication platform) and all companies, that aim at securing their clients with a fast and convenient means of access to information and services.

More information about SmartIVR available at:

Free authorisation code may be obtained after logging-in from the application level.

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