American Gold Reserve Rep Help




    American gold Reserve is the newest company to come into the precious metals mlm industry. I have had many prospects call me asking me my thoughts on this new program and what the actual low-down is. At the very beginning of AGR’s inception I was contacted by one of AGR’s distributors with a top position to take a serious look and consider joining him. Because I’m a leader in this industry I am extended great positioning whenever a new company opens up within the precious metals niche. Being a network marketer it’s to my benefit to know other programs within my niche so I was glad to review the program. This is a written review on from my professional perspective. Before you read this review I do want to make one this clear right off of the bat. AGR does have very good prices on their silver and gold coins. Their prices are very competitive and that is a good thing. However for distributors trying to earn a substantial income with AGR this is “NOT” a great thing as the commissions is paid directly out of the spread of the coins…you’ll learn what I mean in the review so enjoy.