This is the application for all beekeepers who need to follow their hives to preserving the historic order to obtain a selection of the best families.
The application allows to generate a QRCode sull'alveare to attack in order to uniquely identify the
and enter all the data of your interest from the Queen, you can read the whole story of the
family, enter new data or delete families from the archive, as well as search of families on the basis of input parameters such as the location of the hive, etc..
You can also make changes to multiple hives at the same time (Such as the position of a group of hives), by selecting the hives, choosing the parameter and setting its value.
For each hive is possible to trace data on:
- Data Regina;
- Apiary;
- Family Force;
- Features Family;
- Family Health;
- Completed Operations.
For each data set there is a button "info" that describes the meaning.
For each household selected, the background color indicates the age of the queen according to the conventions commonly taken, the gray background indicates that there is no set age for the queen.

Tags: apidiario , apidiario per 4.0

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