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    Are you tired of people who keeps on giving missed calls? Have you ever stuck in an embarassing situation where you get calls while you are in a meeting,driving or busy in some important work? AUTO CALL ACTION is a cool app which lets you handle the incoming calls smartly.
    While in a meeting or in classes or busy in some work just set the auto call action button to ON and select Decline option. This app will automatically reject the incoming call, send busy tone to the caller and show you missed calls.
    This app also helps you get rid of the people who keeps on giving missed calls. Just set the auto call action button to ON and select Recieve option , and all the incoming calls will be recieved even if the caller tries to give you miss call.

    Cool Features :

    1) You can turn OFF or ON the auto call action if turned OFF phone will be back to normal and you can answer/reject calls normally.
    2) Set the seconds after which you want to auto decline or auto receive the calls.
    3) Select the vibrate option to notify you with vibration or else your phone will be completely in silent mode.
    4) Send Decline sms after auto declining the call.
    5) Set default message or create your own custom message to be sent after auto declining the call

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