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Bhavit Housing brings with it over 10 years of experience in the porpoerty development and construction by completing over 7 projects in Hydrabad and vijayawada so far. Right from its inception its aim is to provide the highest level of quality. Whether it is selecting location, providing the better infrastructure or delivering finished projects…

Bhavit Housing ensures that no corners are cut or no compromises made on quality. At the same time we have endeavored the price remain reasonable and affordable.

H.O. : #58-3-18/2, 1st Floor, Pantakaluva Road, Vijayawada,
Andhra Pradesh , India
Phone : (+91) 0866 6461789

Regd. Off : Plot No.119, Srinivas Nagar Colony, Kapra, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh , India
Cell : (+91) 9885463376, 9912748999
Tele Fax : (+91) 040 40176262
email :

To be one of the most admired and respectable Organization.

To maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all of our actions towards our customers, stakeholders, and our associates
Quality Policy
We are committed to high standards of customer satisfaction and strive for continual improvement in our overall processes to ensure sustained and consistent quality of our products and services.

Quality Objectives

Implement and maintain effective quality system

Make continual improvement in all our processes

Upgrade technology for higher efficiency

Achieve operational efficiency by attaining productivity and profitability

Endeavour to produce first time right

Ensure timely delivery and consistent quality

Train employees and monitor effectiveness

Encourage active participation of employees

Business Beyond
CSR Philosophy
At Bhavit Housing, we believe in fulfilling our responsibility to society, to shape a better world for everyone. We are a community-focused organization and aim to bring compassion and humaneness into our professional conduct.

Environmental Initiative
We care about the environment; we implement the best quality insulation such as low E-value glass to minimize heat loss and use low energy bulbs. Our buildings have rainwater harvesting tanks, and use recycled water where possible. Our buildings are designed in a way that makes optimal use of sunlight as well as natural ventilation.
Bhavit housing is committed to creating better living and working spaces through sustainable development. we spearhead a socio-economic revolution to build an India of equals where basic shelter is for everybody. We are proud to help build the India of tomorrow.

Business verticals
Highvalue premium property developer
Completed 50000 sq ft
Future projects 1,50,000 sqft
Partners with Bridgecap hospitality pvt ltd
Hotel marg krishnaaya 3star property in vijayawada
Saijewel ultra modern convention center in vijayawada

Srisaibalajiprojects Pioneers in cellular towers in AP

Real Estate Plots , Residential Lay Out Plots