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Biz Link:
Enhance Reality. Engage with Images, Print media, Products, Buildings and More!

Want to engage with real life objects, add your own personal virtual content to those objects?
Well now you can, with Biz Link!

Biz Link allows your smartphone or tablet to recognize images and objects. It then enhances your view of the real-world with videos, music and 3D animations.
Using the industry-leading Aurasma augmented reality platform (the world’s first visual browser) The Biz Link app enables you to Enhance your view of reality with videos, audio, simple interfaces and 3D models with overlays known as "Auras".

Look out for printed images, advertisements, product packaging, clothing and even buildings, Brandishing Biz Link’s CMYK Logo. Wherever it appears, there’s a world of virtual content for you to unlock and discover.

Great for Show & Tell!
You can even use the simple tools in the app to create and share your own experiences.
For example:
Attach a personalized video to a greeting card.
Review your favorite restaurant by recording your experience on your device and attaching it to a picture of that restaurant.
Send your friends and family on a scavenger hunt using location Auras to unlock virtual clues and prizes.
With The Biz Link App the Only limitation is what you can’t imagine.


*Bring images, objects, products and places to virtual life, simply by pointing your device at them.
*Create and share your own Auras and attach them to images, objects and even buildings.
*Review products, Restaurants, Businesses or anything you can take a picture of and Share your experience with your friends through Facebook and Twitter, SMS or Email.
*Scan to shop.
*Increase online traffic.
*Extend engagement with customers through interaction in the real world
*Increase the Value of printed collateral
*Double tap the screen to enter full screen mode, single tap the screen to find out more

1) Download the Biz Link app onto your device
2) Open and point your device at an image featuring our logo.
3) Watch as the image comes to virtual life

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