The exceedingly rapid growth of smartphones, in comparison to the overall cell phone market, makes Apps and Mobile Websites critical, must-have marketing tools. By now, all the "savvy customers" have already migrated to smartphones, and the rest of the market is following right behind.

    This 2011, smartphones are expected to outsell conventional low-feature cell phones. And as this shift continues to take place, the use of Apps and Mobile Web browsing will become the new standard by which YOUR customers engage with the brands and businesses they patronize.

    Don't simply hand over your customers to your competition - just because you fail to recognize how important Marketing Apps and Mobile Websites are. Take note: consumers are quickly adopting to new mobile standards, and marketing to your customers is forever changing right before your eyes.

    Every business, professional, and organization - must have their own Marketing App and Mobile Website to compete in today's highly mobile marketplace.

    We can help. BIZAPZ offers an extremely affordable App & Mobile Website package that will provide you with your very own iPhone App and a Mobile-enabled Website that's accessible to all types of smartphones, as well as desktops, laptops, netbooks, and tablets like the iPad.

    What Is BizApz?

    BizApz is a 2-in-1 Mobile Delivery Service that enables ANY business to send UNLIMITED mobile advertising text messages to an UNLIMITED number of Customers — both Instantly and via Automatic Updates — making our service the fastest and most cost-effective tool for the distribution of your marketing messages via mobile phones. BizApz offers a low-cost mobile marketing system dedicated to the success of it's clientele. Mobile marketing is truly a "green" medium of advertising enabling you to develop relationships with people that enable your business to prosper. Browse through our site to see just how mobile marketing can enhance your business.

    Open your BIZAPZ Account - today!

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