Bizzcall is the first platform that allows companies to offer a reimbursement plan to employees for the use of their personal phones to make business calls.

Employees use their personal phones to make business calls and receive a monthly compensation in exchange.

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Everyone wins:


- Boost your mobile communications and reduce investment in new corporate handsets and phonelines
- Keep track of mobile expenditure in real time
- Justify payments using Bizzcall expense reports. Bizzcall can also reimburse for you
- Partner with Bizzcall in your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) projects


- Receive monthly compensation for the use of your personal cellphone
- Use your preferred handset
- Avoid carrying two phones

- No training required. Easy-to-use application
- No Installation. Up-and-running in minutes
- Unintrusive. Parallel dialpad system, isolated from the personal phonebook
- Flexible. Offers different degrees of control regarding business calls
- Scalable. Adaptable platform for small and bigger businesses


Corporate Address Book

Use the corporate Addess book to share contacts with your employees

Personalized Plans

Personalize reimbursement plans with specific conditions for certain employees

Budgetary Alerts

Receive alerts whenever the suggested reimbursement exceeds the pre-established amount

Flexible Options for Month-End Reimbursement

Create expense reports in minutes by using your default settings or use the detailed analysis feature to examine calls per employee and per contact

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