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Hard-copy Receipts & More!

Bluetooth (*.txt) printing utility providing wireless printing on the go or in the office right at your fingertips! Compatible with most small format ESC/P portable Bluetooth thermal printers.

AD-FREE version! No recurring monthly service fee!

BlueTxT prints TexT (*.txt) on most mobile/portable Bluetooth thermal printers on the market today. Creating professional business related documents including Delivery, Invoice, Sales Receipts, and more using BlueTxT easy document formatting features. Copy, Paste, Open, and Save (txt) documents.

Supports most Bluetooth SPP compatible ESC/P mobile thermal printers. Works with many HP-PCL Compatible printer that supports Bluetooth SPP Profile.

- Supports Android OS 2.1 and higher
- Compatible with most ESC/P printers
- Compatible with some HP-PCL printers
- Notepad like text editor for creating (txt) documents
- Multi-line Header & Footer
- Body-Text separators
- Body-Text justifications
- Line item total
- Home Office email notification (copy in body)
- (csv) items Import & Export (Description & Price)
- (txt) file Open & Save for saving document & receipts
- Audible & Visual notifications.

- [Header & Footer] adds your company information to the top and bottom of hard-copy documents. Header & Footers are multi-line and can include blank lines between lines with text.

- [Body Separators] create lines below header and above footer with body-text in the middle. Recommended characters are (Asterisk, Dash, Equals, and period) but you can use any printable character that makes your receipts nice looking.

- [Text justifications] format your document body-text. To create a receipt with products on the Left and price on the Right, set [Body Text Alignment] to [Split using @ sign]. Then enter your text as [product@price] in BlueTxT editor.

- [Line item total] when printing receipts and you need a total at each line item (QTY * Price). Enter the quantity when prompted. If you are not using pricing, leave the quantity empty when prompted.

- [Home Office Notification] notify your home office with email conformation. A GMail account on the device is required when using this feature. Notification email will contain an exact copy of the hard-copy printout in the email-body.

- [Import & Export] import items (Description,Price) or import phrases (Phrase,) into BlueTxT database. Your CSV file must be in the format of [text-comma-text] for each line.

- [Open & Save] documents created with BlueTxT editor. BlueTxT is compatible with (*.txt) files therefore will only open or save files when the name-extension is (txt).

- Compatible with ESC/P can be found from manufactures such as: *Epson, *Seiko, *Fujitsu, *Citizen, *Custom Engineering, *Sewoo, *Zebra, *O'Neil, *WooSim, *Blue Bamboo, and more.

- BlueTxT's built-in Action-Intent-Service can add printing to your applications with just a few lines of code. For details contact us at:

- Bluetooth is a function of your phone and the Android OS. If your phone does support the Bluetooth SPP profile, BlueTxT will not work correctly.

- ESC/P printers should use the [Default Port] Bluetooth port.
- HP-PCL printers should use [Port 1] if default port does not work.
- Configure [Page Layout] before printing.
- Set [Characters per line] to the maximum number of printable characters for your printer. For example [80] characters for full size HP-PCL printer.

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