Builders Rescue



How we work

We never judge. We never blame. We simply guide and advise you through difficult times and help you rescue, recover and renew your business.

We have a tried and tested approach to helping businesses who find themselves in difficulties.

Creating breathing space

We will deal directly with all creditors and negotiate on your behalf. We will also put any necessary defence measures in place to protect you from creditor and predator attacks.
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Builder’s Assessment

By using our assessment process, we will get to the very core of your business and identify the cause of your problems. Following our investigations, we will present a set of recommendations that will take your business forward.

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BCR Partners Toolkit

Actions will probably need to be put in place to take your business forward. We have an extensive toolkit of options, services and processes to help you. In addition, we have a network of industry experts and strategic partners who can help get your business back on the road to recovery.

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Ongoing advice

We remain in the business throughout the recovery implementation journey to help provide an objective sounding board for important decisions. Sometimes our experience is used to support a board of directors, and in others we act as a mentor to an individual business owner.

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We never forget its your business

We work with business owners and offer advice every step of the way, but we always remember whose business it is. We feel its critical that a business owner chooses the route that is most appropriate to them and always feels in control of the situation.