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    The Challenges Facing Coaches
    Around 95% of coaches struggle to make a decent living through coaching activities alone and most therefore have to supplement their coaching with some other work. A common frustration and phrase I hear all the time is ‘I know I’m good at what I do, but I just can’t seem to sell myself’.
    Coaches offer an incredibly valuable service and can change the lives and businesses of those they work with – so why are so many struggling to get enough clients?
    It’s quite simple really. Coaches, trainers and consultants are very well trained in what they do and have often built up years of experience alongside their formal training. However, the vast majority have never been taught how to market themselves. This is absolutely critical and, having spent a lot of money on formal training and qualifications, it makes sense to spend just a little more on learning how to put all that training into good use by actually working with clients – paying clients (anyone can get freebie clients).
    Traditionally, coaches hate selling! The good news is that, if you get the marketing right, the selling part is easy because with the right marketing, your clients want to buy.

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