CardSpark transforms every business card exchange into a digital connection. Easily scan the cards you exchange, connect on any social network, and measure the effectiveness of your networking engagement.

CardSpark Features:

Unlimited free card scans! Capture new contacts with just the snap of a photo using our advanced card reader. Save time and eliminate the pile of cards sitting in your drawer.

Easily import existing contacts from popular email and social platforms.

Customize your mobile profile to enhance your personal and professional brands. Present contacts with social links, making it easy to connect. Add custom links to present relevant content to your contacts.

Instantly engage and invite contacts to connect on any social platform, via email, or text message.

Use our mobile dashboard to measure the effectiveness of your networking engagement. Track clicks on your mobile profile content, measure your social engagement, and receive real-time notifications from your contacts.

Get the most out of your networking engagements with CardSpark!

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