CenterData SmartSeller



The effective path to a professional appearance and satisfied customers.

The new SmartSeller solution provides access to a world of possibilities:
• Presentation of the company's products via product sheets, images and video, it gives a whole new dimension in the sales consultancy everyday!
• The sales material is transferred via tablet's network in a few minutes after the marketing department has put the finishing touches on it.
• Information about the customer master data, assortment, open orders, unpaid invoices and sales statistics transferred with live availability on products for sale Officers. All data is retrieved from the client’s ERP.
• New products and promotions are presented through pictures and video - all in one and the same function - at the touch of a finger on the screen.
• When the sales order is terminated, it is being transferred automatically to the ERP and turns up at customer service as if it were an EDI order.
• Simple and easy to use key words are too smart or.
Its main advantages are:
• Pictures, video and audio used optimally and make your presentation professional.
• Consultant avoid lugging around heavy binders.
• All materials are available in the latest edition.
• Half telephone order and forgot messages avoided.
• Unreadable or incorrect product numbers do not occur.
• The customer is informed immediately about delivery times and goods in back-end orders.
• Orders which disappears under the seat in the car avoided.
• Consultant can "escape" the order and focus on the next customer.
• Time on entry of the order of service is eliminated completely.
• Similarly, making incorrect entries.
• smart or is global and binds all sellers together.
• No information is lost.