With best Indian flavor that Chawla's discovered four decades ago at Haldwani in District Nainital by Late S. Attar Singh Chawla we proudly open our doors with dishes enjoyed for generations in India throughout by all communities Chawla's Cream Chicken is everyone's delight. At Chawla's we continue to innovate and create recipes beyond our traditional style by adding new menu items inspired by local cuisine.
    Come enjoy the Chawla's experience of unforgettable Cream Chicken all Time Favorite our Starters, Chicken Dishes , Lamb Dishes, seafood Dishes, Veggies , Indian Rice and Biryanis and exclusive Breads and dessert of India. We invite you to come and dine with family and friends while enjoying the Indian traditions of food, friendship and hospitality at Chawla Chicken Indian Bistro.

    To maintain the same Indian Taste all the spices / Masala are imported from India. We don't use oil and red chillies in our preparations. And only use Maple Lodge Chicken. Now Chawla's have 86 locations in India one in Australia and 2 in Canada, serving in Surrey (restaurant) and Toronto.