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Comarch ERP Mobile Sales application is destined most of all for sales or medical representatives, however, it is designed in a way enabling handling of any business industry, e.g. vending, or being a support for sales assistants in shops.

Comarch ERP Mobile Sales facilitates work of sales representatives by allowing for, among others:
• Access to full product offer, including images and descriptions as well as all trading conditions defined in ERP system,
• Access to complete history of transactions, payments and contacts with Customer,
• Processing a sales transaction of preselling type (taking orders and quotes at Customer’s location),
• Processing a sales transaction of vanselling type (completing a sales transaction at Customer’s location) by issuing invoices, receipts and sales order releases along with printing documents (on a regular basis or on a receipt printer),
• Debt collection – settling of receivables and payables and possibility to control credit limit,
• Printing documents on mobile thermal printers or with customer’s signature on laser printers,
• Sending PDF files with printouts of documents,
• Effective planning and completion of business appointments with the use of appointment templates defined in ERP system and an intuitive Calendar,
• Processing many types of business appointments, which enables using the application in almost any business industry, e.g.: questionnaires, competition reports, item availability reports, taking pictures, releasing marketing materials,
• Registering meetings and phone contacts, thus supplying the Headquarters with complete information about all the actions taken towards customers,
• Completion of actions planned by a supervisor in Comarch ERP Mobile Sales Manager,
• Registering routes, selecting defined tags as well as using the messenger (available in Comarch ERP Mobile Sales + Tracking module)

The application cooperates with Comarch ERP Optima, Comarch ERP XL and Comarch ERP Altum.

The demo version provided with exemplary database allows a user for familiarizing with full functionality of the application, except for dedicated keyboard, synchronization with ERP system and online reports.

Comarch ERP Mobile Sales Manager application is destined most of all for managers, directors and regional sales managers. It can also be used by employees managing company’s car fleet, who can monitor current locations of employees, preview routes the employees registered and define individual work statuses required for work reporting.
Comarch ERP Mobile Sales Manager application provides:
• Access to actions, owing to which a supervisor can optimally plan appointments of his employees, verify completed actions and preview the planned ones. By using route optimization mechanisms, a supervisor can indicate customers an employee should visit and the system will plan the optimal route and show it on the map. Moreover, it is possible to view the traffic volume, which contributes to effective planning of an action. The planned actions are completed by mobile employees in Comarch ERP Mobile Sales,
• Access to maps, that is, possibility of checking current location of an employee and analyzing the route he traveled,
• Access to the messenger which enables giving instructions or sending urgent messages,
• Access to the list of regions, customers and employees, who can be monitored and managed in an easy and fast manner.

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