Give feedback and reviews directly to companies.
For every comment received, a donation will be made to a select non-profit organization.
CommentLynx gives you the ability to quickly and easily share your feedback with a company without jumping through customer service hurdles. Just want to say thanks? Do it! Have a problem to report or a bad experience to share? Do it!

√ Provide direct feedback to companies
√ Benefit other consumers by highlighting problems
√ Benefit the community through donations

CommentLynx provides your feedback to the companies through a direct channel, not through customer service agents. CommentLynx also tries to help the company understand recurring problems and how they can improve in order to increase consumer satisfaction. As an added benefit, after leaving feedback, the user can select a charity or non-profit organization that will receive a small donation.

All feedback is anonymous and no identifying information is ever recorded or shared (unless you do so yourself through the feedback form, which are provided to companies unedited).

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