Consensus Capital



Our app gives you our current investment opportunities, keeping you on the pulse of the latest information available about what business investments we can offer you. Contact us directly from the App to register your interest in an investment and we will guide and assist you through the full opportunity.

Consensus Capital plc is a specialist real estate and private equity asset management company. The core business includes the acquisition and management of commercial and residential property and land development together with the provision of venture capital for well managed, profitable businesses. Consensus Capital plc invests in emerging and mid-size enterprises and works with these companies’ management teams to create value by providing a combination of equity, strategic support, business development and financial know-how.

Our team applies in-depth fundamental research and a rigorous due diligence process to selected investment opportunities in both real estate and venture capital, constructing portfolios and monitoring investments that have the potential to produce consistent long term returns.

Consensus Capital plc manages a combined real estate and private equity portfolio in excess £200 million.

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