Contractor Payroll Lite(Trial)



Payroll Software for Contractors

Contractor Payroll is a software tool for your smart phone that allows the generation of timesheets and payroll, processing since the capture of data until the calculation of deductions and payments to employees and the referral information to the bank, from anywhere, anytime, as well manage the basic information of customers, jobs, employees and crews.

This application is available in both English and Spanish for your convenience.

Contractor Payroll further includes:

Special Functions
1.Capture of the check-in and check-out of the employee using bar code.
2.Control of advances to salary.
3.Calculation and Automatic Generation of the payroll
4.Rating System for employees and services.
5.Sending proof of payment by email.
6.Directory of employees and customers integrated with the functions of the smart phone (sms, phone call, email)

1.Historical and comparative information on bar charts.
2.Full reports of payrolls.
3.Files in excel format for payroll and attendance records.
4.Support and recovery of all the data.

1.Detail of labor cost per activity.
2.Detail of labor cost by contract.

Unlike the PRO version, the module does not include the modulo of taxes and deductions, function scan bar codes and addressing system through Google maps.

Contractor Payroll allows you to capture the time of entry and exit of employees with its own smart phone, and use this information to then make the payment calculations.

Contractor Payroll includes a complete directory of employees and customers.

Contractor Payroll allows you to define different workdays, tariffs for each shift and three forms of payment: by time-fee, per hour-wages and salary, as well as payment for piece work for contractors.

In addition to the calculation of the worksheets and payrolls, Contractor Payroll allows you to assign the labor costs to each client and activity being performed, so that you additionally a report of costs per customer and/or work done to bring a better control of your business.


The trial period is fifteen days and is limited to two employees and three rates.

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