Corp Diversity



Corporate Diversity Associates, LLC (CDA) specializes in talent acquisition and supplier support services for corporations and institutions across the country. Our mission is to give our clients a competitive HR advantage by providing them with cost effective and innovative support services that advance their diversity and inclusion efforts.

To develop our Corporate Diversity Network CDA staff travels the country recruiting top-caliber minority talent and businesses at national and regional conferences and conventions, as well as colleges, universities, and advanced degree programs. Once a business or candidate creates a profile, they are active members of the Corporate Diversity Network and are able to view and respond to all available job and business development opportunities.

We believe that our innovative business concept helps our clients conserve their resources while still gaining a higher Return on Investment. CDA has the capacity to handle all follow-up with candidates after initial contact, provide prescreening options, as well as target aggregate searches based on qualifications. In order to become a CDA client there is an annual fee that allows access to the Corporate Diversity Network. This access includes unlimited job and business opportunity postings as well as discounted advertising rates, and Network searches.

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