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• Use Creator Studio™ mobile and lateral thinking to provoke new thinking and new ideas, and to apply them to creative problem solving, to create new solutions, inventions and innovations.

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• Each Creativity Studio is specialized for achieving a specific type of creative thinking task and composed of a select group of automated lateral thinking Creativity Tools that are based on modern scientific discoveries into the creative thinking processes of the human mind.

★ The Secret to a Fast Start with Creator Studio:
Entire books have been written on the subjects this app is based on, including: Creative Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Inventing and Innovating. The Help documents in the app draw on this knowledge to provide the information required for Your Successful use of the app. When first becoming familiar with the app, each time you see a Help button Tap it, then read and apply the important information and instructions displayed. You will quickly become a Successful Power User!

• Suppose... you could start a powerful application on your device, type in a situation you want to focus your creative thinking on and immediately be guided by wizard-like software through your creativity session, step by step. Interacting with lateral thinking creativity tools, creating new ideas, solving problems, inventing and innovating to achieve your desired goal.

• Imagine... your team using this creative thinking and innovation software to focus the power of their collective intelligence, knowledge, experience and creative abilities toward achieving the most challenging goals.

• During your creativity session you can access the Ideas Log at anytime to review all the ideas you have entered and all the ideas will be permanently saved in a session report file.

• Teams of any size may collaborate sharing ideas from their Creator Studio sessions using a social web app. Small teams may only require email to collaborate.

★ What will You achieve with Creator Studio?
• Grow your business.
• Out think your competition.
• Build a company wide creative thinking culture.
• Launch a continuous improvement program.
• Create new products and services.
• Improve existing products and services.
• Rapidly respond to dynamic business demands.
• Develop new marketing and sales strategies.
• Develop new business strategies.
• Reinvent businesses.
• Create innovative solutions to problems.
• Invent at the leading edge of what's possible.
• Change the world.
• All of the above Plus lots more!

★ Get Creator Studio and Start Creating The Future Today! ★

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