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Key Features :
-LIVE CURRENCY RATES and refresh every minute.
-Our rates are trusted by the auditing firms and world's banks!
-Get the daily filtered live exchange rates.
-Track Currencies from around the world.
-Get the currency value of each country.
-Calculate different prices with the currency converter.
-Students can also know and learn about different currency.
-Know the Data Storage Unit and its size and structure.
-Useful to identify our all devices and computer's needs.
-Know how much storage space will be required for just about any project or development you may doing.
-Students can also learn about different Data Storage Unit.

UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT most welcome your suggestions/comments,so please send it on

With this app we also include one more functionality to compare the data storage unit which helps you to compare and
convert the data storage and it also helps for the CHILDREN,STUDENTS and also for ALL THE PEOPLE to know the the actual data

Storage size and structure.

Now a day we use computers and also smart phone in which we store huge volume of data but
we don't know about the Data Storage Units and their size so it is needed to know about this things...

Foreign transactions is the need for an ACCURATE CONVERSION into the local currency.
Business,Plus,traders specializing in international trade may need an instant update wherever they may be.
This is why it’s fortunate that We are giving a free CURRENCY CONVERSION android APP for our all users.

To keep these things simple, the data storage converter to convert every possible
combination of data units. This is a useful compromise between considerations of simplicity, wastage and flexibility.

Our New other android application
We are continuously launching new free apps and a new version of each and every
apps by some period of time with More Features.
so please keep check on all Android Market Platforms.

Thank you very much for using our application and for your kind support....

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