Its amazingly simple really… Get VIP access instantly with Daily Savers! Don’t wait for the sales, get savings, privileges and special offers at your favourite restaurants & shops, and on travel, entertainment, cinemas, Metcards and store vouchers, every day!
Daily Savers is perfectly named. It’s a daily saving card you
can use everyday to save you valuable cash….
How simple is that!.

Main Features of Daily Savers App:
1)The main feature of this app is to provide discount information to the user to save money in daily life while shopping, eating, entertainment, travelling and staying.
2)The user can find different outlets around him/her which offers discounts information in a radius of 10 Km.
3)The user can park the car and set the reminder about parking time and location. Then he will get the remainder and it also provides the route between user and the parked car.
4) Other features like info about the company, Maintaining contacts and Submitting tickets.