DEBK Accounting: auto-Closing



Accounting DEBK auto-Closing:
9sAC is an Accounting system, which is Double Entries BookKeeping accounting system.

You no longer need an senior accountant to work out financial reports. You need only a junior clerk to input daily Journal entries. . .
*** all data can be export to SD card.
*** all data can be import to Boss's mobile phone.
So, every single tiny financial data of the company is with the Boss. The company's finance status are at boss's finger tip, where-ever he goes, the company goes with him.
Boss can get any financial reports by just a click.
Boss no longer need to push Accountant to do the month-end closing a/c job.

You can make up your own accounting subjects table text file, then import to use it...
Account Subjects/Titles table can be import/export to/from the system.
Monthly Auto-Closing is just after a click. (which can be deleted/undo and redo)
Financial Reports can be custom made.
All reports: Balance Sheet, Trading Profit/Loss Account, COGS, NP, Journal Entries for any Account for any period, Account Balance of any single Account or a group of accounts, all can be checked by just a click and can be save to text file in SD.
All reports can be save as Text file and you can merge reports and email out to whoever concerned.

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