Dema Partners Offshore




    When you incorporate offshore you are taking advantages of financial benefits and opening up your tax planning options. Due to our internationally presence we can provide you customized incorporation services all over the world, in the most rapid, cost-effective and solutions driven.
    Our consultants provide tailored solutions to meet client's needs. We will give you any assistance or advice from the moment you choose to incorporate the company and as for long after incorporation as you require.
    • Company formation and structuring in both onshore and offshore jurisdiction ( available in more than 80 countries)
    • Branch registration of foreign corporations
    • Company management and administration
    • Provision of professional directors and nominee shareholders for an offshore company
    • Provision of company secretaries and managers for an offshore company
    • Provision of registered and representative offices for an offshore company
    • Trust and foundations establishment
    • Accounting and financial practices
    • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records
    • Preparation and filling of annual returns

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