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• The Driver Telematics App gives you real-time information on the progress of all your subcontracted transport, e.g. location of the vehicle/load, but also freeform messaging with the driver.

• The Driver Telematics App gives you the management information you need to manage your subcontractors at all times. It provides real-time data on the progress of each trip, including location, load information and status, and workflow. Simply have your subcontractors download and install this app for free on their Android Smartphone, and all incoming data can be seamlessly integrated into your company’s back-office system. With our messaging option, you can use freeform messaging for ad-hoc communication and/or workflow messaging for a more structured process. This enables you to instantly keep your customers abreast of changes to the estimated time of arrival (ETA). The app also offers advantages when one of your own fleet vehicles are not fitted with telematics equipment but occasionally need it.

• Monitor all subcontractors and have access to real-time information on all journeys and the associated load.
• Manage all transport movements, facilitating real-time decision-making wherever necessary, and eliminating dependence on outdated information or missing subcontractor input.
• Perform detailed evalutions of subcontractor performance and monitor compliance with service level agreements.
• Facilitate the validation of invoice details from and to subcontractors.
• Manage all assets, including subcontractors’ vehicles, through one single user interface, FleetVisor
• Proactively update customers and respond to their questions on load status
• Confidently substantiate levels to existing and prospective customers.

• Track&Trace
• Freeform messaging
• Structured workflow messaging
• Integrated Google or CoPilot navigation (to be purchased separately)

The Driver Telematics App is currently available only to Omnitracs customers who have a working FleetVisor Web portal account. Visit our website and learn more about the FleetVisor portal and what you need to do to acquire a new account.

On our website, you will also find more information about how to enable your Driver Telematics App service, and Frequently Asked Questions.

• About Omnitracs Europe B.V.
Omnitracs Europe enables more effective fleet management by providing real-time business insights for transport and logistics companies of all sizes. It gives fleet operators reliable integrated control of their entire operations, so they can make the most productive use of their human and vehicle assets to run profitable businesses. Omnitracs sets the industry standard for modular and compatible systems that are reliable, simple to operate and affordable. It ensures accuracy and reliability by using proven on-board telematics technology linked to an easy-to-interpret and secure on-line information portal. The company adds value through partnering with major OEMs and transport companies in pursuit of the best solutions, whether off-the-shelf or tailor-made. In a market where competitiveness is crucial, Omnitracs enables safe, sustainable and cost-effective transport and logistics . For more information, please visit Omnitracs Europe website, The Road Ahead Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages

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