Driving Diary - Trip (LITE)



Trip (LITE) is feature limited version of Trip PRO. Trip uses only GPS for measuring trip distance and there is no OBD support. Trip can be used for testing Trip basic features before you buy full Trip PRO. This version is also available in Google Play.

Features with GPS and OBD (OBD require full version from Trip)

- Measuring Trip distance with GPS or OBD
- Works in background during phone calls
- Distance in either metric or imperial units
- Travel time
- Four ajustable tariffs
- Speed display while driving
- Average travel speed
- Send travel history to e-mail
- Name trips in history view
- GPS distance calibration if needed

Features with OBD2

- Trip PRO supports EML372 Bluetooth OBD2 for reading data directly from ECU
- ECO - light Gree, Yellow, Red
- Show fuel use L/100km
- Warning sound for fuel economy
- Engine RPM and Coolant Temp
- OBD Measure calibrate possible if needed
- Remember last selected Bluetooth device
- User can modify what information is shown on front screen (ECO, L/100km, Temp,RPM)

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