The eFarmer 4.0 combines the best from eFarmer and eFarm Navi.

Free version of our new farm software will enable you to do:
• Farm mapping
• Record keeping
• New! View your field reports

You can increase efficiency of your farm business by using other paid eFarmer features such as GPS tractor guidance, task assigning, fertiliser calculator and farm data analysis.

eFarmer farm management and guidance features overview:
Farm mapping. This functionally allows you to: a) Import fields - drag and drop the available cadaster document. b). Draw fields using Google Maps or with GPS. While working with eFarmer, all information from your field works will be assigned to the particular field, kept in the secured cloud and available at any time from any device.

Record keeping and field reports. Add data while working in the field: type of operation, denomination and quantity of materials used (fertilisers, pesticides, seeds, etc.). The following information can be added automatically from the GPS tracking: type of operation, area and distance covered, machine used. As a result, you will be able to view your field report and export it to PDF for your records.

GPS tractor guidance. eFarmer is a GPS tractor guidance system to be used on your Android smartphone and/or tablet. Checking the display while driving will enable you to perform field operations in parallel and evenly spaced lines. Thus to reduce overlaps and missed spots. In our system you are able to perform parallel driving in two ways: a). Straight АВ - suitable for the regular shaped square or rectangular fields, without “non operational spots”. In this case, our system will automatically draw parallel straight lines that you should follow in your field. b). АВ curve - suitable for all field’s shapes and particularly for fields with “non-operational spots”. In this case, you will make the first run along a curved/non-straight line, after the first turn the application will create next lines parallel to the first run. Get 10-day free trial period for eFarmer GPS tractor guidance.

Improve your efficiency with our high precision farming navigation solutions. Check more info on eFarmer website http://efarmer.mobi

eFramer is designed to work on all your devices:
PC - login on eFarmer website and see your records on a big screen in your office. You will be able to download, copy and share your farm data without any restrictions.
Smartphone - you can use your smartphone to insert data into the system while working in the field with farm management and navigation systems.
Tablet - is more practical to use for field farm tasks. The bigger screen and no phone calls will enable you to achieve better results during your work.
You are able to work with eFarmer agricultural software even without cell service. Use “off” mode of application and all information will be added automatically to your cloud once you’ll get connected.

eFarmer is a FarmLogs for the European market.

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