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Get the latest price on physical gold and silver products in Malaysian market today. Daily updates on Dinar Kelantan, GCP, Public Gold, Sri Ayu, Amsyiq Gold and lots more.

You can directly contact Malaysian gold and silver traders through this application for a trade. We provide list of active traders from around Malaysia.

Don't have much time to keep updated with current gold and silver everyday?

You don't have to search, remember, bookmark or load websites anymore. Don't waste your data consumption on graphics and data load you don't need. All you wanted to know is just the current gold price and that's what you get with this app. Simple and easy.

If you trade gold and silver, contact us to be listed in the app, so buyers can call you for a trade.

Have you check today's price for gold and silver?

Get today's price for Dinar, Dirham, Jewelries, Gold Bar, Silver Bar, Nuggets, Bullion, Coins and many more. Download now!

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Testimonial from beta users:

"bagus app ni. tak perlu saya simpan bookmark di browser. tak perlu susah taip url. jimat bandwidth data sebab tak payah download website yg besar dan berat. terima kasih sebab create app ni. best!" - Faizul, Shah Alam

"senang.. hari-hari boleh cek harga emas" - Guna, KL

"dulu, bila customer tanya harga emas, saya kena pergi buka pc dulu, cek harga. sekarang ni buka je handphone dan tunjuk terus harga kepada customer. mudah cepat terus boleh buat sale" - Abg Din, Cheras

"Assalamualaikum.. tahniah atas usaha anda menyediakan program harga emas." - Redza, Jeli Kelantan

"Sangat bermanfaat program yang tuan buat tu. Tq banyak2" - Ibrahim

"Sangat bagus app ini... banyak membantu.. terima kasih banyak2" - Nizam

Thanks for your support and positive feedback.

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