eRestaurant POC



eRestro Features

-> When you are going to restaurant, you are waiting for waiter.(drawback waiting for waiter)
-> Then waiter will come and you will give him order (again depends upon waiter)
-> After some time waiter will come and let you know Kabab is not available (again depends on waiter & kitchen update)

Solution -

Use eRestro apps, no need to wait for waiter, just seat and take tablet give your order.
If item is out of stock, automatic you will get info, Kabab is not available please choose other.

Why eRestroSeva? What’s in it for me? What’s in it for my customers?

The answer to all these questions goes something like this

 Drastically enhances profitability

 Incredibly easy to use

 Enhanced Dining experience for your customers

 What you see is what you get

 No more wait for the sleeping/super busy waiter

 Death of “Sorry the item is sold out or not available syndrome”

 Personalized food items

 Super fast and Simple Administration

 Rapidly integrates into existing environment

 Helps to easily incorporate existing company branding and workflow into a powerful meal ordering platform

Note - for entire solution like Server, Kitchen please contact developer.

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