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Track your stolen or lost droid device! No monthly fees, no hidden fees!

Pay a nominal one time fee and receive unlimited updates and support where most other providers will want you to subscribe and pay monthly to use their services.
Best anti theft solution on the market for your Android.

The app uses SMS (text message) commands to control the stolen device, better than using an online portal since you will always be able to reach the phone even if it is not connected to the internet.

Our app is the ultimate theft protection tool to help you seek your lost or stolen android device -it survives Wipe on rooted devices and moved to /system/app (priv-app for 4.4+) on rooted devices

You can also use the app to track family members, if worried when they can't be reached.

✔ Controlled via text message commands
✔ Hide app icon - total stealth mode, no app icon in the application drawer and in the recent apps list
✔ Password protect the app
✔ Auto enable GPS (might not work on some devices!)
✔ Admin app - prevents from being uninstalled
✔ Custom lock device message with ALARM - set up a custom msg to be displayed ("Return to John Doe: 555-555-55")
✔ Normal lock (will trigger the pattern or password lock - like a normal press of the power button)
✔ Automatic location updates - either from SMS commands or triggered on SIM card changed.
✔ Send SMS commands and receive SMS/Email notifications - the information can be received either via Email or SMS (email will only work if there is an internet connection!) - SeekDroid with a simple SMS command

How can I find my phone? Use these SMS Commands:

✔ Secret code protection for the commands- only you will know the code to trigger the events
✔ Call me - will call the person sending the command
✔ Block outgoing calls - prevents the thief from calling expensive numbers.
✔ Current location - either automatic location updates of the whereabouts of the device or one time location update.
✔ Forward call log - forgot your phone at home and wanted to see who is calling you? No problem, just send the SMS command and you will receive the information via SMS or email
✔ SMS call log - the same as the call log, but for SMS
✔ Lock phone
✔ Custom lock and fire an ALARM
✔ Format SD Card
✔ Wipe the phone completely (apps, browser history, SD card everything)

ON SIM CHANGED - events in the case the phone was stolen and the thief inserted a new SIM card (GSM devices only!)
✔ Unlimited support for SIM cards - add any SIM card you wish by letting the app know that the next SIM should be added to the whitelist
✔ Send SIM number - will send the thief's mobile number (if available)
✔ Automatic location - will start tracking the thief and periodically send you location updates
✔ Dial a number
✔ Lock the device and trigger the alarm.

To be able to do the stuff the app does we need all permissions. We are a respectful company and you can see our apps below to see that we mean business with our products!

Make sure to check out our other Apps.

Portions of the icon are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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