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Support for FMDroid is now managed through Blue Feather ( Please contact Blue Feather if you experience any issues or if you're interested in a custom Android app.

FMDroid is the first native Android app designed for accessing FileMaker® databases. It is a developer-focused app which gives you fairly raw access to your tables, and scripts. FMDroid uses the FileMaker XML gateway of the Web Publishing Engine of FileMaker Server to retrieve information from your FileMaker databases and give you access to your tables and scripts.

Read the Quick Setup Guide ( for information about how to configure your server for use with FMDroid.

Support for Checkboxes, pop-up menus, drop-down lists, radio buttons, and calendar pickers!

FMDroid allows you to:

Enter and Save your Favorite Server
Select From Available Databases
Chose your Layout
View, Find, Sort, and Edit Records
Download Container Data
Run Scripts
Use FileMaker plugins which work on the WPE

Plugins which add functionality that can be used from the FileMaker Web Publishing Engine add additional functionality. You can use plugins like 360Works Plastic to take credit card numbers and run charges from FMDroid (make sure to use SSL when entering your server settings in FMDroid), 360Works Email to send HTML emails with multiple attachments, or 360Works RemoteScripter to generate PDFs which you could then download and view on your device.

For Developers:

Developers can control access to the layouts and scripts that FMDroid users have access to through layout naming conventions. Read the FMDroid Developers Guide ( for information about how to configure your database to control the layouts and scripts users see when they access your databases so that they are not overwhelmed with the number of available layouts and scripts.

Fields from layouts that you create in FileMaker Pro are automatically displayed in FMDroid in a phone-friendly manner. Field order and type are preserved (such as number fields opening the number keyboard), but the GUI of your FileMaker layouts, such as colors, buttons, tabs, and styling are not displayed in FMDroid like the would be in FileMaker Go.

FMDroid uses the FileMaker Server XML gateway, which will track your found set, but not the record that is being browsed in FMDroid. Because of this, special considerations must be taken when writing scripts which will be executed by FMDroid users to make sure that the script is executed on the correct record.

Read the Developers Guide for details about how to prepare your database for access from FMDroid.


Android 2.2 or newer
FileMaker Server 9-12
FMS Web Publishing Engine and XML publishing enabled on your FileMaker Server
The FMXML Privilege set must be enabled for the accounts you wish to access your database with

Currently FMDroid does not display Portal data on the record view, but you can easily view this information by creating a script which finds the record you're on and then performs a Go To Related Records script step.

Read the Developer's guide at for information on how to configure your files and scripts to work best with FMDroid

Please let me know about any issues that you have, and I'll get the resolved as soon as possible!

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Recently changed in this version

Version 1.5.3
- Improved responsiveness when login authentication fails
Version 1.5.2
- Fixed possible crash when running certain scripts
Version 1.5.1
- Fixed crash on open
Version 1.5
- Added support for authentication before showing file list
- Switched server address and name fields to match FileMaker Pro's interface. Server address is now on top when adding a new server.

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