Forum Marketing Secrets



• A Collection of 20 Professionally Recorded Videos, 80 Minutes of Content - This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about forum marketing.

• The Importance of Forum Marketing - Before you start marketing, you need to understand the specific advantages of forum marketing so you know how to make the most of your time.

• Things You Can Promote with Forum Marketing - You may already have something in mind to promote, but if you don't I'll help you find something.

• How to Find The Best Forums to Market On - Not all Forums are "marketable", here is a checklist of things to grade each forum you come across, so you only spend time on the ones that will return the most profit.

• How to Create an Effective Signature - You will learn how to create a signature that will grab people's attention without being too "pushy".

• How to Establish Yourself as an Expert - How to get people on the forum to respect you, and value what you have to say (this is super-important if you want people to buy from you).

• How to Find the Best Posts to Participate In - Not all posts are created equal! Learn how to spot the posts and threads that you absolutely need to be involved in, and how to stay away from those you shouldn't be.

• How to Track Your Results - Not everything you do is going to work, it is so important to track everything you do so you can expand upon what works and cut your losses when appropriate. You will be shown how.

• How to Explore a Joint Venture on a Forum - Joint ventures are one of the most valuable relationships you can establish. You will be shown how to initiate one on a forum.

• The Five Keys to Forum Marketing Success - Five simple rules you need to be following if you want to be successful with forum marketing.

Here's whats covered in Forum Marketing Secrets:

• Video 1 - Duration: 02:06
Forum Marketing Secrets

• Video 2 - Duration: 04:10
Why Forum Marketing Is Awesome

• Video 3 - Duration: 04:28
What Can You Promote With Forum Marketing?

• Video 4 - Duration: 06:45
Finding The Best Forums For Your Market

• Video 5 - Duration: 04:39
Forum Marketing "Checklist"

• Video 6 - Duration: 04:42
Signing Up For A Forum

• Video 7 - Duration: 05:31
Establishing A Presence

• Video 8 - Duration: 09:14
Finding A Product To Promote

• Video 9 - Duration: 04:12
Creating An Effective Signature

• Video 10 - Duration: 04:20
Establishing Yourself As An Expert

• Video 11 - Duration: 03:45
Finding Relevant Posts To Become Involved With

• Video 12 - Duration: 03:39
Creating An Effective Signature

• Video 13 - Duration: 02:29
Tracking Your Results

• Video 14 - Duration: 02:15
Rotating Your Signature

• Video 15 - Duration: 02:35
Continuing A Discussion

• Video 16 - Duration: 02:41
Forming Relationships On The Forum

• Video 17 - Duration: 02:45
Exploring Joint Ventures On A Forum

• Video 18 - Duration: 02:43
Paying For Advertising On A Forum

• Video 19 - Duration: 01:54
Branching Out To Additional Forums

• Video 20 - Duration: 04:19
The Five Keys To Forum Success

Total Running Time: 1 hour, 19 minutes and 20 seconds

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• Internet connection required to download videos. (WiFi connection recommended.)
• Total space required to download all videos is 48MB.
• Each video will be downloaded automatically from high performance Amazon CloudFront servers when viewed for the first time.
• Videos will be stored on SD card first if available, otherwise they will be stored in internal memory.
• An alert message will be displayed if there is insufficient external or internal data storage available to download a video.


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