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Genesis Film and TV Production

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Genesis Film and TV began shooting weddings in 1990 and have since shot and edited a huge variety of projects representing an array of events, industries, and causes. A recent epiphany is this: Businesses that thrive in the current environment are those that embrace a 3-step approach to Technology- 1. Understand, 2. Engage, and 3. Leverage.
At Genesis TV and Film we are experts in technology and develop an effective plan to engage your customers through the effective leveraging of technology. I will strategically place relevant film content that represents your business in the best light across your Website, your YouTube or Vimeo Channel, and your Social Media outlets. Specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses build an online video presence with the goal of developing consistently updated content that is relevant to their particular industry, and thereby establishing them as "Experts" in their field or niche industry.