Green business



Welcome to join me in GDI, an online business.

GDI has a strong back office system that allows members to create wonderful website easily. I done my without any programming. What I do it just add some links here and there only. After owning own website, members can either make money by:
1. getting more people to follow him/her signing up with GDI
2. sell own products/services online (here you may need to be more internet savvy in order to succeed as you need to advertise on various internet channels. I will not cover it here.
3. auction off (buy and sell) your domain name.
4. allows advertisers to advertise on your website and make money from advertisement. Good example is admob, adsense, etc.

Watch the video under to know more.

Try it! There is 7 days free trial. If you don't like it, just cancel it. Nothing to lose.

Have a good day!