Group[it] 13.1



The Group[it] app is a mobile interface to version 13.1 of the GideonSoft Enterprise Suite, a software solution that enables organizations to train and select high value individuals.

Group[it] is designed to provide an assessor with a variety of features that can be used to evaluate team performance. These evaluations may involve evaluating each team member or evaluating the entire team. For example, the assessor could evaluate each team member on “teamwork” while evaluating the entire team on “cooperation.”

Features include:

• Evaluate a team and team member performance using your Android device
• Filter list of teams to evaluate using GideonSoft measurement period Group and Team configurations
• Use custom rating scales with anchors to evaluate overall team and team member performance
• Use open text fields to describe team performance
• Review completed Group[it] documents and monitor their progress
• Group[it] documents can be configured to function as peer reviews