Create professional repair estimates in 4 minutes or less with Hammerpoint. Our estimates are detailed, accurate and professional. Hammerpoint allows you to view professional estimates BEFORE you enter into a contract.

Use the Hammerpoint mobile app on location to get accurate repair estimates on potential properties. Tap into the tool that over 5,000 real estate investors use on a daily basis through Open Road 3x, now right on your ipad.

All you do is enter your email address and your estimates are only 4 minutes away. We even email you a PDF version of your estimate automatically! Hold the knowledge and experience of a contractor in the palm of your hands and generate accurate project estimates with Hammerpoint!

•Automatically adjusts prices to your specific location
•Over 75 different estimates available
•Calculates estimates based on the square footage of the property.
•Automatically emails you a PDF version of your estimate
•No experience necessary!

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