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The Ultimate Motor Fuel Marketing Tool!
Hot Nozzle!
Power In The Palm Of Your Hand!
Motor Fuel Marketing Analysis & Projection App
for The Petroleum Retailer

Hot Nozzle is an easy to learn, powerful, motor fuel marketing analysis and projection plan tool. It has efficient high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to motor fuel marketing.

Stay on top of the competition, your margins, profits, volumes, and more. Have your station's heart-beat on your phone or tablet in the palm of your hand. This may be the only app you own that makes you money!

Hot Nozzle gives you the edge over your rivals and the ability to generate greater margins than your competition.

Hot Nozzle provides both offensive and defensive strategic content to identify opportunities and threats to your motor fuel marketing strategy.

Hot Nozzle is your tool to monitor, implement, and adjust volumes arising from price changes.

Hot Nozzle provides a Competitive Price Survey of 50 nearby stations at the tap of an icon.

Hot Nozzle easily loads on your mobile device. A tap of the icon and your entire motor fuel marketing analysis is right at hand. Motor fuel margins, sales analysis, and a projection plan is only a tap away.

Know at an instant:
Analysis of Current Operation
Actual Gas Margin by Grade
Diesel Margin
WAM (Weighted Average Gas Margin)
Combined Fuel Margin
Motor Fuel Product Mix Percent
Gross Profit Dollars by Grade
Gross Profit Percent by Grade
Total Gross Profit Dollars
Motor Fuel Tax Listing
Fuel Calculator
Price Surveys
Tutorials and Help Screens
PLUS: A Projection Plan to play "what-if" scenarios.

Hot Nozzle is easily set up for anyway you sell motor fuel. Works with stations that sell gas, gas and diesel, and with and without discount for cash marketers.

Motor Fuel Marketing Analysis & Projection App
for The Petroleum Retailer
The Ultimate Motor Fuel Marketing Tool
Discover what this powerful app can do for you!

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