HP IceWall SSO QuickLogin



HP IceWall SSO QuickLogin is an application that provides an easy way to logon into web sites that use HP IceWall SSO.
After you have registered your ID and password on HP IceWall SSO QuickLogin, you can log on to the web site by entering the PIN. Your user ID and password stored in the HP IceWall SSO QuickLogin are encrypted, so that they cannot be accessed without PIN.

To use the HP IceWall SSO QuickLogin, the web site needs to be designed to work with HP IceWall SSO QuickLogin.
To learn more about HP IceWall SSO. Please visit;
http://www.hp.com/jp/icewall_top (Japanese)
http://h50146.www5.hp.com/products/software/security/icewall/eng/sso/ (English)

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