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About Us:

Humboldt Media Web Development is a web development company based in Eureka, California. We are a small group of web development specialists who create cross platform mobile applications for businesses small and large. We can customize your business a cross-platform, easy to use Mobile Website, with great features which are easy to use and easily cross platform compatible.

Affordable Pricing!:

We have some of the most competitive pricing for websites, mobile websites, Android Applications, iPhone Applications, BlackBerry Applications, and any other popular mobile device. Applications are FREE with the purchase of a Premium Business Package With Hosting!!!!!!

Loaded With Features!:

Home Page - The Home Page is a fast and easy way to have customers interact with your businesses contact information. Directly from the homepage screen you can call directly place a call to Humboldt Media's telephone number, directly e-mail Humboldt Media and connect to Humboldt Media's Google + Page Instantly!

Portfolio Pages - The portfolio page allows you to swipe through the portfolio where you will see optimized images and layouts where you can demonstrate your work to customers as we have in this portfolio demonstration.

Blog Page - Interact with your websites blog, store, bulletin, guestbook, rss feed, or any other services or information in the cloud. The blog page automatically updates to feeds on the web! Easy interaction with your site means content will always update and allow customers to view the latest news and information from your website!

Maps Integration - Customers knowing your location is vital to customers finding your business! Customers will be able to see your location on Google Maps and help identify your business to customers. You can use customized text to specifically identify your location or locations to potential clientele.

Services Page - is a page where you can display custom services or about type information about your company. This page is totally easy to display whatever sort of information is reliant to your business.

Any of the pages can be customized to suit your individual needs. This is simply a demonstration of the apps we create for you, for our own company.
Please feel free to contact me through this application or through the android market dailyderek23 at gmail .com

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