Ingredients Events Countdown



Countdown to the start of trade events, meetings and conferences in the Ingredients Industry with the Ingredients Events app from Focus International, developed by AES Digital Solutions Limited.

The app is installed without events, which can be downloaded from the main events screen. Simply press the “update events” button, once you install the app. Note that depending on your internet connection, you may need to click this a couple of times, the first time you load this app.

Focus International aim to update the events data several times each year, so that new events can be continually available when you click to update events. As well as tracking the countdown to each event, the app will provide brief information on each event , and where possible a link to the event’s web site The countdown will tell you when the event starts and when it’s finished and you can delete passed events.

Here are some of the highlights:
✔ Events can be updated for you.
✔ Delete out of date apps.
✔ Choose from a multiple background images and set them up in seconds.
✔ View additional info for each event, including links to websites.
✔ Track the countdowns to a range of events.
✔ Easily share the app via facebook, twitter or email.
✔ Countdown to events up to 999 days ahead.
So, if you’re looking to keep track of events in the ingredients related industries, be sure to download ‘Ingredients Events Countdown' today.
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We’d love to hear from you with feedback, comments, ratings, suggestions for our Ingredients Events Countdown app, so please do get in touch. We really do take the time to read each message and will endeavour to help out as soon as possible if you encounter any difficulties.
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This Ingredients Events Countdown app has been designed & developed by AES Digital Solutions as a service to parents.
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