It 's an application that allows you to manage your office right from your smartphone.
Create and view PDF documents quickly in the Offer and Billing, manages the personal data of Clients Products Merchandise Categories conditions of payment.

Customize your reports directly to PDF by editing a simple XML file specifications. You can change logo position fields of the report add new ones from the list of defined styles or formatting change.

Basic features (current)

Manage multiCompany.
• Tutte le informazioni sono collegate alla compagnia.
Indirizzo e localizzazione con google map.
Logo by company.

• Customer Management
Personal data with calculation tax code.
Address and location on google map.
Telephone numbers with a direct call to the customer.

• Customer Appointment

• Management Products
Quantity in stock, tax, price.
Barcode features.
Article Picture.

• Document Management
Offer Document Type, Invoice
Draft Document status, Confirmed, Submitted to the customer, Paid.
Numbering automatic date.
Quick and customer contacts
Terms of payment
type Reason
Reduction in perc. and value on the document
Notes and shipping costs
Details of line clearance or product master data
VAT price quantity discount on single line
Contact the customer (eMail tracking phone calls) directly from the selected document

• Prints
Offer Document Invoice
List and detail customer
List historical items sold per customer
List and detail items
All prints are produced in PDF and completely customizable through XML files.
PDF files are sent via eMail products directly to customers.
Manual configuration xml for configuration of the prints.
Print Preview (richede a pdf reader)
• Search product by Category ,Customer's Product and products sold
• Inquiries : Product sold , best customer profict,customer best profit, invoices unanswered.
• Integration with barcode. Print pdf barcode,Scanner barcode into product.
• Backup / restore directly. Xml or binary format. Db
• Import and Export in XLS. Allows faster to update Customers Products and categories Documents direttemente from Excel.
• Cleanup of the system.
• Cancellation of all logical records and registries.

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