iTell in Mobile - The best in telephony services in your hand!

With iTell's app makes it easier and more efficient than ever to absence yourself and keep track of your agenda. Everything is naturally synchronized with your iOnline and iTell's other systems, so that your staff and our coordinators will know immediately if you are available or what you are busy with. You can also reach your colleagues at the company and can select the ones you often want to reach as favorites.

These features are available for you in the app:
• See your business card with active and upcoming absences
• Absence quickly and easily using your Quick Absences from iOnline
• Edit and delete absences
• Create your own, more specific references where you can choose how you want to be contacted while you are referred.
• Seek out people in your department, your company or organization.
• See the contact card for the selected fellow with its affiliations and communication routes.
• Dialing, texting and emailing your contacts

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