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Job Search by CareerBuilder's review


Careerbuilder's official app- the famous job hunting portal

  • Well-balanced design, catalogue, and search filters
  • Easy to use
  • Syncs to your Careerbuilder profile
  • Needs to put more focus on localized searches
  • Improve ways to contact the employer

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Careerbuilder's official app is one of the best in a very saturated job hunting market. First, it has a giant database of offers from all the countries it supports (there are more job offers in certain countries, of course). Second, it has great search capabilities with useful filters (relevance, distance, salary, business). If you already have a profile for, the app will load your profile along with all your recommendations and your CV.

Lastly, Careerbuilder is the easiest way to follow job offers that you're interested and check in on the ones you've saved.


The app design and depth of the catalogue, although it could be better, is better than other apps in this category. Search filters and connecting your profile to the app are other definite pros.


We'd like to see a bigger focus on the localized search and more channels to connect with the employer.

Nos gustaría ver un mayor foco en la búsqueda geolocalizada y más canales de contacto con el ofertante.

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Nov 05, 2015

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