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    ‘’ Job Expo USA, ‘’The World’s Biggest Job Fair’’ is thousands of Employers and growing weekly – 268 Different Occupations – our Employers list 1,000s of Career Opportunities. Not a jobs board. Job Seekers are directly vectored to a qualifying Employers’ websites that have the job-occupations and job locations of interest to you that you select.
    It’s a .99¢ App on iPhone and Android Smart Phones and Soon to be on Blackberry
    Only on Job Expo USA Apps and website are the Employers identified immediately without the Job Seeker inputting any personal information. After entering a job occupation and desired job location the Job Seeker is presented with a list of qualifying Employers. The Job Seeker then picks an Employer of interest and then is immediately vectored directly to an Employer’s website that has the jobs and geographical locations of interest to the Job Seeker – again without entering a scintilla of personal information. The Job Seeker then navigates the Employers website and career section and applies directly for employment on the Employer’s website, not some 3rd party’s ‘’data mining’’ jobs board.
    Different from job boards, Job Expo USA, ‘’The World’s Biggest Job Fair’’ has no ‘’Phantom Jobs,’’ no ‘’bait and switch,’’ no expired jobs and especially no ‘’data mining.’’ Job seekers information is never shared by Job Expo USA, because Job Expo USA does not collect Job Seeker information. Different from a jobs board, the Job Seeker is anonymous to the Job Expo USA system. Visit the Job Expo USA website at and read about this great career search resource. ‘’

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