KW Realty Landmark




    This mobile application was developed by ECapture Inc.

    "Keller Williams Realty Landmark Android app on smartphones is great for finding the property you are looking for In Long Island, NY"
    • Instantly access the most accurate and up-to-date real estate listings across Nassau, Suffolk and Queens.
    • Show homes for sale, for rent in any city or in your current location on a map instantly
    • Millions more photos directly from the MLS
    • Property details, open house information and pricing on nearly any home for sale
    • Save searches and listings
    • Send listings to your family, friends and agent.


    Local real estate market data including current listings and recent sales
    Easy-to-use charts that clarify local price and market inventory trends
    Side-by-side comparisons of areas by zip code
    Maps, charts, and valuable insight into specific neighborhoods using income by household, criminal activity, education levels attained, and weather risks
    Neighborhood points of interest including shopping, restaurants, and healthcare services
    School district summary information and a map/grid of individual schools for your zip code
    Tips to help you better understand the factors that impact the real estate market

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