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With this app you can known release date of your favorite app, and known if an app is still on development.

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Linux distros (Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint ...)
Windows news (Windows 8, Phone 7 )
New Android releases and apps (Android OS and apps)
Opensources project (ReactOS, Libreoffice, Firefox...)
Famous apps (VLC, Flash Player, VirtualBox...)

If you have a computer shop and no free time to follow apps updates, this app is for you!

Holo Launcher for Android (Mobint),version 1.1.4,07-30-2012,ICS-Like launcher
LibreOffice (Document Foundation),version 3.6.0 RC4,07-29-2012
OS X (Apple),version 10.8,07-25-2012,code name: Mountain Lion
Linux Arch-Linux,version 2012.07.15,07-22-2012
Firefox (Mozilla),version 14.0.1,07-18-2012,next update: 1 month
Gnome Shell,version 3.5.4,07-17-2012,for Linux
VirtualBox (Oracle),version 4.1.18,06-20-2012,virtualization
Eclipse,version Classic 4.2,06-08-2012,opensource IDE
Linux Fedora,version 17,05-29-2012,code name:Beefy Miracle (new release every 6 months)
VLC (VideoLan),version 2.0.1,03-19-2012,Audio/Video player
Windows 8 (Microsoft),Release Preview,05-31-2012,this is the final 'preview'
ReactOS (ReactOS Foundation),version 0.3.14,02-08-2012,Free OS Microsoft NT5 compatible
Android,version 4.1.1,06-27-2012,code name: Jelly Bean
Haiku,version R1/Alpha 3,06-20-2011
Linux Ubuntu,version 12.04,04-26-2012,code name: Precise Pangolin (new release every 6 months)
Linux Mint OEM,version 13,06-01-2012,code name: Maya (new release every 6 months)
Linux Debian,version 6.0,05-12-2012
Linux OpenSUSE,version 12.1,11-16-2011
Pinta,version 1.3,04-29-2012,multiplatform porting of Paint Net
Avira Free,2012,04-09-2012,daily sub-updates
Avast Free,2012,11-14-2011,daily sub-updates
Windows 8 (Microsoft),RTM,08-07-2012
Flash Player for Android (Adobe),version,03-26-2012
GCC,version 4.7.1,06-14-2012,GNU Compiler Collection
UPX,version 3.08,12-12-2011,Ultimate Packer for eXecutables
AION,version 2.5,05-25-2012
World of Warcraft,patch 4.3.4,04-23-2012
Kingdoms of Camelot,Battle for the North,05-21-2012
CD Burner Xp,version,06-08-2012,for Windows
ImageBurner,version,03-29-2012,for Windows
OpenOffice (Apache),version 3.4,05-08-2012
Paint Net,version 3.5.10,10-09-2011,for windows
Gnome Shell,version 3.6,09-26-2012,for Linux
CyanogenMod,version 7.2,06-16-2012,based on Android 2.3.7
CyanogenMod,version 9 RC1,08-28-2012,based on Android 4
XBox360 Dashboard,build 15574,06-20-2012,XBOX 360 Kernel
PSP System Software (Sony),version 6.60,08-10-2011,firmware update
PlayStation Vita System Software (Sony),version 1.69,06-12-2012,firmware update
Playstation 3 System Software (Sony),version 4.11,02-16-2012,firmware update
Tortoise SVN,version 1.7.7,03-16-2012
Qemu,version 1.1,06-01-2012,emulator

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