LetMeGoHome Full: a work clock



Are you an employee? Do you wanna go home?
This app helps you to calculate the right exit time based on your clock in and clock out. The countdown shows you how long you still have to work... while you can play with Angry Birds for example :D

* Save/Modify/Delete Signs In.

- notification with sound and/or vibration.
- day and night shift.
- daily working hours.
- week working days (days not selected will be considered totally overtime).
- lunch break with customized duration.
- wage per hour and overtime wage per hour.
- daily memos.

- exit time.
- count down.
- daily income.
- worked hours.
- overtime.

- background image.
- notification sound.

- import database backup.

- export database backup.
- .csv file with daily worked hours, overtime, income and memo.
- .csv file with signs in/out.

* SHARING of the .csv files via:
- email.
- Bluetooth.

- daily statistics (daily worked hours / overtime / signs).
- monthly statistics (worked hours / overtime per month and per week).
- daily memos.
- micro & macro statistics plots

=> TUTORIAL: http://www.robiati.net/wp/

=> comments & requests to braininfusion@rocketmail.com.
(please specify smartphone model and app version)

=> FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LetMeGoHome-for-Android/195287933823710

credits: androidplot.com

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