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WARNING: LogMote Pro is a professional BtoB solution. Contact your IT manager before downloading LogMote Pro.

LogMote Pro provides a patented revolutionary way to manage your login/passwords (patented contactless technology). LogMote Pro removes the daily burden of password management/typing/remembering.

LogMote Pro securely stores your login/passwords on your device, saves, and then establishes a secured connection with your computer to open and login automatically.

One scan on your computer, one authentication for your entire WEB services & PRO applications

- Login directly to your computer (works also with Active Directory accounts), you don’t need to change the password in your computer, LogMote Pro does it for you!
- Single Sign On solution (SSO)
- Compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, safari
- Shared credentials made easy among LogMote Pro users!
- Your login credentials are safely stored, never to be forgotten again. In case of loss or theft of the device, the login credentials remain secure.
- Connect to all your computers with a strong authentication mechanism and a unique use of QR Code.
- Automatic login/passwords acquisition on your computer
- Online LogMote Pro administration console to define policy & recover your login/passwords in case of Theft/Loss/Renewal of your device
- Protect yourself against keylogging and phishing threats

*All your data is safe and only YOU can access it (even LogMote employees can't).*

Please visit http://www.logmote.com for more information.

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