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This simple London College App (UK only) offers you access to the Blake Hall College (London) Website and our range of 'Best Price' business courses and programmes including BTEC HND Business Courses, BA in Business, and MBA Courses.

As a London College we offer business courses to suit all needs for those in the heart of the UK capital.
The HND in Business is a popular and convenient course for those who want a qualification in practical and 'skills oriented' approaches to business, leadership and management but which is mixed with some academic content.

BA Business Studies is a degree programme offering an academic basis and qualification in business. Excellent for those wishing to pursue business and management as a career.
MBA Programmes are the more advanced academic root to high level management and business careers, and offer the very latest in business and management techniques and strategies.
As a London College we also partner with several UK Universities and other London colleges to make sure our business courses are fully accredited and our students well served. Our business courses are based in the heart of London's business community but serves students from all over the world. Currently, our campus has over 60 nationalities represented many of whom take our business courses because of their blend of quality and excellent prices.
We very much look forward to you joining us.
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