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Loyalty-4-Biz NFC Edition

Loyalty-4-Biz NFC Edition

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Loyalty-4-Biz gives what you really need to conduct a loyalty program to attract and keep customers, at a price unmatched by any loyalty system vendor. No computer is needed. No special purpose equipment is required. It is an app for the merchant's NFC smartphone.

Price :

* Free up to 10 customer visits.
* About 1.50 USD per year.
* To operate as a Friendly Merchant, friend support is about 0.80 USD per year.

Features :

* Loyalty card issuance is optional. Able to accept existing cards of customers.
* No customer registration is needed. Just tap and go.
* Tabs - deal mode with statistics (default screen), view mode, and deal mode accepting amount input through NFC. To change to another tab, simply swipe the screen to the left or right.
* Settings - enable/disable friend support, configure NFC tags, configure rewards.
* Friends - allows customers to form their social circles to accumulate reward points together.
* NFC tags - can be configured as friend tags, proxy tags and amount tags.
* Rewards - automatically checks what rewards a customer is qualified for, and shows the qualified list when the loyalty card is tapped.
* History - shows the 20 most recent deals of a customer and the latest reward redemption. Do a short press on the loyalty card ID to show the history.

Details :

* Deal mode records customer visits and deals.
* View mode shows the statistics of a customer, and allows the amount of the most recent deal to be modified.
* A customer can use any contactless card as a loyalty card (*).
* A customer can also use a friend tag as a loyalty card.
* In a restaurant, the loyalty card can be presented during food ordering for reward redemption. It can be linked to a proxy tag placed on the table. The proxy tag is used for reward point recording during payment.
* Amount tags allow amounts to be entered by tapping NFC tags. Simply create an amount tag for each price. When a payment is made, tap the loyalty card, followed by an amount tag. Tap amount tags one by one to add the
amounts together.

Loyalty cards :

Millions of contactless cards (*) currently in circulation around the world are valid loyalty cards for Loyalty-4-Biz. So, as a small business, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to print and distribute cards to customers. But you are not prevented from doing so. We will be glad to offer advice on the kind of cards to issue, or get our manufacturer to produce custom cards for you.

Statistics :

The app shows two sets of figures for each customer - now and past. Now tells the merchant the spending and number of visits of the customer that have not been redeemed yet. Past shows how much the customer has spent and visited in the past one month.

This video demonstrates the use of Loyalty-4-Biz in a restaurant :


This shows friend support :


(*) Supported contactless cards in circulation around the world include :

- Malaysia. MyKad, MyPR, MyKAS, MyRapid, Touch n Go, ManjaLink.
- Thailand. Bangkok Metro fare card.
- Hong Kong. Octopus.
- China. 一卡通.
- United Kingdom. Oyster.
- United States of America. Clipper, ORCA.
- Australia. ACTION MyWay, metroCard.
- ...

A more complete list is available at :


For proxy tags and friend tags, we recommend NTAG203 with 144 bytes of memory. You can buy from Amazon or any preferred retailer :


Your customers can use the Friend Maker app to create friend tags to build their friend circles, by themselves :


Disclaimer :

Causal Idea is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage inflicted during and after the installation and use of the app.

Recently changed in this version

Version 5.0.0 :
* Shows three tabs - deal mode with statistics, view mode, and deal mode
accepting amount input through NFC.
* Allows amount to be input using NFC tags.
* Creates amount NFC tags in settings - tags.
* View mode shows the most recent deal of a loyalty card, allowing amount to be modified.
* Price of friend support reduced from 0.99 SGD / month to 0.99 SGD / year.

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